Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bike Sharing In Philly: Learn About It Already!

Next City Philadelphia just published an article about the future of bike sharing in Philadelphia, with some choice quotes from Andrew Ritz of the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities. Among them:

The system will first appear downtown, and will then spread throughout Center City and into the neighborhoods to the north and west (where the big universities are located). But the staging isn’t concrete and no station locations are set at this point. The complete system would have between 100 and 200 stations, with between 1,000 and 1,200 bicycles. The goal, Ritz says, is to launch “at start of the academic school year 2014.” He also anticipates that he will need to go to city council to request approval for a long-term vendor contract. The city plans to elaborate further on its plans at an April 30 forum, held at Drexel University.

That forum he mentions still has tickets remaining. Interested in how bike share will come to Philly? Register today by clicking on this hyperlink, which will direct your computer to an entirely different part of the Internet in, like, a blink of an eye. Pretty incredible if you think about it.