Women Bike PHL

In Philadelphia, two thirds of bicyclists are men. Our Women Bike PHL campaign aims to shrink the gender gap in bicycling, making riding a bicycle more fun and feasible for Philadelphia women of all ages and backgrounds.

Here you can find:
A calendar of events and classes
Our in-house writing and resources about the campaign
Contact info and ways you can get involved
Resources for new bicyclists and those interested in the issue

Check out our November 2013 Report!
This report covers what we've accomplished in the first eight months of Women Bike PHL -- take a look to learn more about what we've done so far, and see what we have planned for the future!

Calling all Philadelphia-area Girl Scout leaders! Want to help your girls build confidence and skills on their bicycles? Consider earning the new "Girl Scouts on Wheels" patch as a troop. The patch requirements will take your girls through the basics of bike mechanics, bike safety, choosing safe routes, and exploring the diverse world of bicycling. The patch is aimed at Junior Girl Scouts, but could be slightly adapted for younger or older girls. For patch requirements, email Katie (katie@bicyclecoalition.org).

Events and Classes
See below for forums, classes, rides, and other campaign events. (Click to view, register, or add an event to your calendar.) Note: Events marked {Women Only} are limited to women. Otherwise, our events are open to all!

Our Ongoing Work

Support Women Bike PHL

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Contact katie@bicyclecoalition.org if you're interested in supporting the campaign with in-kind donations, as a volunteer, or if you have a suggestion for a community partner. We are particularly interested in working with existing Philly groups serving women and girls.

Getting Started and Keeping Moving
There are quite a few resources out there for people getting started with bicycling, whether for transportation, exercise, or just for fun. We've rounded up some of our favorite articles below.

First things first: choosing a bike for transportation and some basic bike commuting tips.

When biking in the city or for commuting, most comfortable street clothes will work well, including a suit, a skirt, and pants. Bike commuting is possible in all kinds of weather, including summer and heat waves, rain, and cold weather, although you might need some extra layers.

Bikes are awesome for carrying stuff; you can use baskets, backpacks, or basic panniers. Here are some more options, and ideas for what to bring when you’re on a bike.

Another thing you can carry on a bike? Children! Here’s some information about riding with babies, how to retrofit your bike for kids, and some inspirational moms who are using their bikes to transport their families.

And some more practical tips: climbing hills and lock safety. Don’t forget you can always attend one of the Bicycle Coalition’s Urban Riding Basics classes to review the rules of the road!

Women & Bicycling Resources
Interested in learning more about issues of gender and bicycling? Here are a few links to get you started:

  • The Women Bike Resource Library from the League of American Bicyclists is a treasure trove of research and best practices around closing the bicycling gender gap.
  • Elly Blue is a writer, bicyclist, and feminist who has been thinking about women & bikes for a long time. Check out her work on her website, Taking the Lane, as well as her Bicycling Magazine column Everyday Rider.
  • The Women's Cycling Project, from the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals, jumpstarted the national  conversation about women and bicycling with their 2010 Women's Cycling Survey, and continue to gather and share data on the topic today.