Monday, April 22, 2013

Represent Your Community in the National Bike Challenge

The National Bike Challenge allows communities as small as Clarksboro, NJ and as big as Pennsylvania to see how much they get around by bicycle this summer. Registration is open and the Challenge begins May 1st!

Last year, Philadelphia placed 71st nationally and Pennsylvania was the 7th-most-bicycling state. New Jersey was 40th. We can do better this year!

Registration is open and you can begin logging rides today. On May 1st the leaderboards reset and the Challenge begins in earnest.

Why participate?

  • The Endomondo App will tell you how many calories you burn as you ride this summer.
  • Have friends or coworkers you want to try biking? Invite them to join your team!
  • All bicycling counts - commutes, trail rides, weekend excursions to Valley Forge.
  • Hitting points milestones makes you eligible for month prize drawings; prizes include new bikes!
  • The Greater Philadelphia Region bikes a lot. Let's show self-satisfied "bicycle towns" like Portland and Minneapolis they aren't the only great bicycling communities.


Anonymous said...

Hey Philly get your act in gear. Is PGH gonna have to carry the state again?