Support Our Work

What does a bicycle do for you?

Does it get you to work or the park? Is it the way you connect with friends or family? Is it how you unwind on the weekend?

No matter how you use a bicycle, we are working to make your ride better. Since 1972, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has been our region's best advocate for bicycling and bicyclists' rights. 

Your membership funds a nationally-reputable, passionate, organized, and knowledgeable non-profit advocate for bicycling. Membership drives our ability to:
  • Connect The Circuit, our region's world-class trail system.
  • Transform Philadelphia and suburban streets into safe, attractive spaces for biking and walking;
  • Equip our schools to teach our children how to bike and walk to school safely;
  • Give bicycling a seat at the table with regional policymakers.
Already a member? Renewing your membership keeps us working towards our vision of bicycling as a feasible option for transportation and recreation in the entire region.

Benefits of membership include:
  • Discounts at regional bike shops;
  • 20% off meals at Spring Mill Cafe in Conshohocken;
  • Discounted ZipCar membership;
  • Invitation to our annual meeting;
  • Insider information through updates and action alerts;
  • New Member Packet for, you guessed it, new members;
  • Free urban riding class (Philadelphia);
  • Free suburban advocacy forum (suburbs);
  • That warm feeling that comes from making the place you live a better place to be.
All members receive a membership card, and 100% of your membership is tax deductible.