Thursday, June 07, 2012

What Can Philly Bicycling Learn From The Dutch? ThinkBike Workshops Coming to Philadelphia

The Mayor's Office of Transportation (MOTU), the Dutch Embassy, the Bicycle Coalition, and Temple's School of Architecture are co-sponsoring a ThinkBike Workshop in Philly on June 18 and 19.

The ThinkBike workshop will bring together Dutch bicycle transportation experts, local transportation planners, engineers and cyclists to plan and discuss how Philadelphia can become more bike‐friendly. The workshop will address bike safety, commuting by bike, biking to school, bike parking, bikes and public transport and law enforcement. Successful ThinkBike workshops were recently held in Chicago, Washington, DC, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The public is invited to participate in either (or both) of two ways:

1. Attend Public Sessions on Monday, June 18 & and Tuesday, June 19
What could 18th & Market look like besides this?

Opening and closing sessions will be open to the general public. The opening session will showcase innovative ideas used in the Netherlands to improve traffic safety and support high cycling rates. At the closing session, two design teams, led by the Dutch bicycling experts, will present their findings for how Dutch methods could be applied to address bicycle circulation in two areas:
  • Area 1: Streets surrounding Temple University’s Main Campus, including connections to Center City and Fairmount Park, and methods of addressing the interface between the street network and the campus – how to manage bike parking and how to control conflicts between bicyclists and pedestrians on campus.
  • Area 2: Penn Square (City Hall), John F Kennedy Blvd and Market Street between 15th & 20th Streets
Tickets are free but limited:

  • Register for the opening session on Monday, June 18th - 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
  • Register for the closing session on Tuesday, June 19th - 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

2. Join a Design Team

Each of the two workshop design teams will have about twelve members consisting of at least one Dutch expert and eleven local members. The idea of this ‘mixed’ team is to encourage information sharing, relationship building, holistic problem solving and a spirit of cooperation. Each team will also have at least one general urban or road planner not specifically assigned with bicycle planners. Each team should include planners and engineers from the City of Philadelphia, PennDOT, engineering consultants, SEPTA, Temple University, community groups, various other institutions, business groups, and members of the public.

To join a design team you will need to be able to commit for the full two days, including both the opening and closing sessions. Most design team members should also be able and willing to ride a bicycle and be able to bring his or her bicycle to the workshop. Lunch will be provided. There is no cost for participants. The workshop will go forward rain or shine, so be prepared to ride in bad weather if need be. Those interested in joining a team should contact Aaron Ritz - (215) 686‐9000. 

Please Note: Selection for a design team is not guaranteed; we need to assure diverse backgrounds of participants to balance out the teams. The number of available slots is limited, so if you want
to participate you should let us know soon.