Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Parks & Recreation Begins Striping The Loop and Schuylkill River Park Trail

After years of planning, the Department of Parks and Recreation has begun striping 10 miles of path along Kelly Drive, MLK Drive and Schuylkill River Park Trail on Schuylkill Banks.

The paths are the busiest in the region, with the Kelly Drive path exceeding one million users a year. The intense multi-use traffic on busy days has resulted in crashes including a few serious ones. The striping will, we hope, remind users to keep right. The work will include traffic control signs where the trail crosses parking areas.

New centerline striping on Kelly Drive at the Grandstand
Remember that line striping and signage does not replace trail etiquette and common sense. Keep to the right and pass safely on the left. A bell is an excellent accessory and a polite way to alert other trail users of your approach.  Being civil and mindful of others ensures that everyone has an enjoyable experience on the trail.


Andrew J. Besold said...

I thought from the title, that the city was putting Kelly Drive on a diet and painting bikelanes on the roadway. I really wish they would as faster cyclists (which often includes me) really should be in the road on not on the narrow path. With no shoulder or anything, Kelly Drive is too intimidating for almost all cyclists.