Friday, August 19, 2011

The Philadelphia Folk Festival - Right on the Perkiomen Trail

Do you love bicycling and dread the Philadelphia Folk Festival's notorious traffic/parking/shuttle bus quagmire. How about getting there by bike?

Old Poole Farm

The Folk Festival Grounds are next to the Perkiomen Trail

Click here for bike directions

The basic directions are easy - take the Schuylkill River and Perkiomen trails to The Old Poole Farm located on Mile 14 of the Perkiomen Trail. The Campground is directly accessible to the trail via the Water Gate but to gain admission and find bike parking will require a short uphill bike ride on Salford Station Rd.

You can shorten your trip via SEPTA, the Route 93 bus stops 8 miles down the trail in Collegeville at 3rd and Main (see below). Regional Rail R6 and the Route 100 High Speed Line are 22 miles down the trail at the Norristown Transportation Center.