Friday, August 19, 2011

Ben Franklin Bridge South Walkway Reopens on Monday

DRPA New Release:

On Monday, August 22, the Benjamin Franklin Bridge south walkway is reopening to the public. Walkway hours are 6am to 9pm daily. With the reopening of the south walkway the north walkway will be closed to the public.

The latest closing of the south walkway was not particularly fun. The sidewalk between the north gate and the stairtower was a debris field, fortunately DRPA quickly responded to the complaints and swept most of the sidewalk clean. The closing also coincided with the renovation of the adjacent 5th Street tunnel forcing cyclists to take a detour along Elm St, in Camden. The street's Belgian block surface has been "repaired" over the years with concrete slabs and asphalt patches, creating a miserable ride experience.

This is not my vision of Elm Street USA

Welcome back south walkway!