Thursday, February 17, 2011

Philly's Adopt-A-Rack Applicants Notified Today

Those of us whose application was accepted for a bike rack to be installed under the Adopt-A-Rack program received an email today from the Mayor's Office of Transportation letting us know which location and how many racks will be installed.  (Applications were received over a three week period ending on April 7, 2010).   The process going forward is that the contract will be submitted for bid in a few weeks, followed by an award in May.  Once the contract is awarded, City staff will mark the spots of where racks are to be installed and a contractor will do the installation.

Under the Adopt-A-Rack program, 270+ racks will be installed using funding that the City received from the Department of Energy through the Recovery Act.  That funding is also helping to pay for the meter conversion program being administered by the Philadelphia Parking Authority, (more to come on the status of that program in a future blog post.)

Thank you Mayor Nutter and the Mayor's Office of Transportation!