Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Pose Your Questions for Cities for Cycling Presenters

On October 28th, the Academy of Natural Sciences held a forum organized by the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities called "Cities for Cycling: Riding in the Innovation Lane."  Those in attendance saw and heard first hand from transportation officials who are part of the National Association of City Transportation Officials about innovative cycling facilities that have been installed in Portland Oregon, New York City and San Francisco and how those innovations have helped encourage more people to use their bicycle as a sustainable form of transportation.  It was a very informative, interesting and inspiring forum!

Here are links to the power points presented by:
Robert Burchfield: City Traffic Engineer, City of Portland Department of Transportation;
Jon Orcutt,  Director of Policy, New York City Department of Transportation;
Timothy N. Papandreou: Deputy Director, Transportation, Planning & Development, San Francisco Metropolitan Planning Agency; and

Eric Gilliland: Executive Director, National Association of City Transportation Officials.

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough time for the Q&A section of the program.  However, the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities has agreed to help get answers to questions that we compile.  If you attended the forum, or have reviewed the presentations linked in this blog, and have questions that you would have posed the speakers and/or Deputy Mayor Rina Cutler in the Q&A session, send them to us and we will get answers and post them in a future blog post.  Deadline for posing questions is Friday, November 5th at COB.

Example of a question:

Q:  What did NYC, Portland and San Francisco have to do to put in green colored lanes and bike boxes when those types of facilities aren't approved yet by the Federal Highway Administration?