Monday, October 25, 2010

Update on Spruce, Lombard, South and the South St Bridge

November 6th will be very important day for Philadelphia bicyclists, perhaps even more important than the ribbon cutting of the Spruce and Pine bike lanes last October. The South Street Bridge opening combined with new bike lanes on Lombard and South plus fresh pavement on the east of Broad sections of Spruce and Pine will create a nearly contiguous string of bike lanes from Front Street to the Cobbs Creek Parkway.

So here is the current status if the three projects:

South St Bridge - Sidewalks complete, street surfacing taking place.

Lombard and South Bike Lanes
- Streets Department has traced the bike lane lines with spray paint on Lombard and South from 21st to 27th St.

Spruce and Pine Street resurfacing
- As of 10 AM the paving crew was located on Spruce St at the 7th St intersection and moving west. On Friday Spruce from Dock St to 7th St was paved.


caduceus said...

Thank you so much for the update. It's actually really hard to know when to ride alternate routes without physically checking the streets.

YAY November 6th!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi, loving the freshly paved Spruce/Pine lanes. I am wondering about the usefulness of the Lombard/South lanes. Won't this dilute bike volume from Spruce/Pine. It seems like bike volume would demonstrate the useful ness of the lanes to the Byko-haters.

Just wondering if it would have been better to have the additional lanes a couple of blocks further south.

Unknown said...

Hi I love the freshly paved lanes of Spruce/Pine. Finally!

Just wondering the wisdom of the Lombard/South St. lanes at this point. Wouldn't this dillute bike volume off Spruce/Pine? It seems like at least initially, bike volume would help demonstrate the usefullness and popularity of the bike lanes to the skeptics and Byko-type haters.