Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Road Safety Audit of 130/206 - A Prescription for Fixing a Dysfunctional Road

Once again the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) has facilitated an effective Road Safety Audit (RSA). This time it was a stretch of US 130 and 206 in Bordentown, NJ, a hazardous stretch of road for motorists and people on foot and bike. The RSA is complimentary to a bicycle and pedestrian corridor study that is happening at the same time. Transportation professionals, advocates and local elected officials participated in the exercise and numerous recommendations to improve the safety of and access to the corridor were made. DVRPC staff will digest the recommendations and release a report within the next few months.

While Road Safety Audits emphasize short term easy fix improvements, they are also the right place to include major long term fixes for future consideration. For more information of DVRPC Road Safety Audits go to DVRPC's Traffic Safety page.

Route 130 in particular has been a sore spot for pedestrian safety in New Jersey, in 2009 the Tri State Transportation Campaign named the highway as the most dangerous for pedestrians including two in the past month. RSA participants noted more than a dozen pedestrians and several bicyclists traveling along and across the highway during the site visits which only lasted a few minutes in each location.

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A shoulderless stretch of US 130 in Bordentown, RSA suggestions include reducing travel lane widths to carve out a shoulder and bike friendly rumble strips along edge lines to improve comfort for bicyclists.

Photo of a bike lane adjacent to a rumble strip:
Windsor Rd, Urbana Illinois.

Photo Jennifer J. Selby, P.E.