Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Parkway Council Seeks Input on Redesign of Eakins Oval

The Parkway Council is seeking public input on several designs that have been generated for "redoing" Eakins Oval and the intersection of 25th and the Parkway around the Philadelphia Art Museum.

The purpose of the study is to
• Fit beautifully and well with the design of the rest of the Parkway;
• Make it easier to walk safely to the Philadelphia Museum of Art ;
• Calm traffic and increase safety;
• Maintain traffic handling capacity for commuters; and
• Improve pathways for bicyclers. 

There are 5 designs for Eakins Oval and 3 concepts for 25th and the Parkway.  Please take a look at the designs and fill out an online survey


Taggart said...

Don't know about everyone else, but I liked concept B - Triangle, and C - Modified Greber, the most for the Eakins Oval redesign. For the 25th and Fairmount Intersection, I liked Concept 2 by far, followed by Concept 1. Anyone else have any thoughts?

caduceus said...

I think that most of the problems could be solved by a 3 light cycle at the end of Spring Garden/MLK drive merge (along with better sidewalks). The bike lane ends in the middle of merging traffic, and I have yelled about this over and over. I'm not sure about the expense of digging up the roadways and repositioning them. Overall I think the Modified Greber was the most useful, but probably also extremely expensive.