Thursday, April 29, 2010

Suburban Bicycle Routes Update

I went out today to look at the progress is being made on the three suburban bike routes.

In Delaware County the signage on Bicyclists Baltimore west of South Avenue appears to be in place. There are no indications of on-road markings. Regardless, navigational signs for this complex route are a welcome sight.

Meanwhile on Susquehanna Road in Abington and Lower Dublin Townships in Montgomery County chalkmarks for bike stencils have appeared on wider sections of the road. This indicates to me that bike lane markings will be placed there.

I wasn't able get out to Old Baltimore Pike in Chester County, but I would appreciate any photos or updates if you have them. All three suburban bike route projects are scheduled to be completed by June 1.


Andrew J. Besold said...


I like the "Bicyclists Baltimore Pike." I just wish they used the newer MUTCD approved signage similar the those used on the BIKE-PA Routes. These old 1970's vintage Bike Route signs have connotations of the really bad bicycle routes created back then and in many places the old route signs from back then still exist.

I think that many transportation cycling problems could solved by simply by signing convenient bicycle routes on low traffic roads. This is how many intercity routes are handled in Germany. All I had to do to get to places in Germany I had never been before was to just follow the signs.

I have a few dozen bicycle route ideas in NJ that could be solved with using signs alone.