Friday, January 15, 2010

Suburban Bike Route Projects Finally Getting Underway

Three signed suburban bike routes that were originally planned by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission in 1998 are finally moving forward towards construction. Bicyclists Baltimore Pike (Delaware), Old Baltimore Pike (Chester) and Susquehanna Road (Montgomery) are scheduled to begin construction in March with a projected completion date of June 1.

Improvements will include navigational signage, shoulder and drainage grate improvements and in a few sections real bike lanes.

Old Baltimore Pike - Chester County

Bicyclists Baltimore Pike - Delaware County

Susquehanna Rd - Montgomery County

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You may be wondering why Bucks County does not have a project here. It was because the County declined to participate in the project. Fortunately times have changed as Bucks County has a Bicycle Advisory Task Force and is developing a bicycle plan.


Andrew J. Besold said...

I'm curious to see how these will actually be implemented on the road.

For the most part the signage of the "PA Bike Routes" is excellent and easily followable but the routes themselves leave MUCH to be desired.

John Boyle said...

This is more than signing project but less than a bike boulevard treatment. Minor engineering changes are being made to the roads and bike lanes added where appropriate or at least approved.

Bicyclists Baltimore Pike is a popular commuter route from Delaware County. Susquehanna and Old Baltimore were identified as routes used by underserved populations. Old Baltimore in fact is cited as being a commuter route to the mushrooms farms in Southern Chester County.

andy said...

I totally think it is a great idea, as long as it is done right, with the correct signage, and police patrol!! I think that they need too make the old rail road tracks that Run through Delaware County a Rails to Trails bike ride, since there are not that many trains that run up and down there!!