Friday, April 30, 2010

Bicyclists (and other Off-Peak riders) Will See A Steep Price Increase on NJ TRANSIT

Planning on going on the Five Borough Bike Tour on Sunday? Are you taking NJ TRANSIT? Remember when taking SEPTA and NJ TRANSIT to New York City was a bargain?

Buy your ticket Today April 30 and the off-peak round trip from Trenton to New York City will cost you $21.50. Buy your ticket tomorrow and the cost escalates to $31, a 44% increase. When you add in the $15 - $18 SEPTA round trip fares the price closes in on $50.

There are other options-The RiverLINE with on board bike racks, 30 minute service intervals and the $1.50 fare from Camden to Trenton offers more flexibility for cyclists, but the PATCO connection or a bridge bike ride adds 30-40 minutes to the trip from Center City. Chinatown buses accept bicycles but it might not be the most comfortable ride. My pick would be the Bolt Bus which offers Wi-Fi and $13 one way fares.

New Jersey Transit has hiked up fares 68% since 2000. Yet the state gas tax, 3rd lowest in the nation has not changed since 1988. New Jersey is the Nations most congested state where NONE of the Counties meets federal clean air standards, but the current administration has sent a clear signal that it has no intention to resolve pollution and congestion problems by reducing Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT).


Kim Woodbridge said...

At that price I might as well take Amtrak for $20 more. I'll get their faster, be more comfortable, and have access to a restroom. Jeez ...

CB said...

NJ is not making it easier for people to use their services. They refuse to increase the gas tax by a small percentage, instead they jack transit prices 44%. Some people rely on NJ transit as their only means of getting around.