Thursday, June 19, 2008

Drill! Drill! Drill!

The withdrawal symptoms of "oil addiction" are becoming clearer every day. First it was cutting off filling the strategic reserve (addicts don't plan for the future), then it was gas tax holiday and now it is the call for offshore and ANWR drilling. At what point do we mass our troops at the Canadian Border for an invasion of Alberta.

Meanwhile last week's national gasoline consumption has shown a significant drop, we are well into the summer driving season and consumption has fallen back to early May levels. In fact it's the lowest weekly June consumption figure since 2004.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone around these parts noticed a drop in auto use outside of the typical workday commute times?? I was in Hopewell in Hunterdon County NJ on Saturday and the roads were extra empty. There was hardly any recreational driving going on out there that is typical on the weekends. If this is actually true it could make weekend cycling much safer!