Thursday, June 19, 2008

More on Speeding On MLK Drive

An SUV clocked going 20mph over the speed limit

This chart compares the 2007 and 2008 studies.
But nothing compares to watching the horror of out of control motorists, as BCGP Board Member Kyle Gradinger witnessed last week:

Last night, I was riding on the MLK Drive path when I came across the accident scene in the attached photos. One of the cars (the blue Honda Passport) took out a light pole, drove onto the recreation path and then took out two more trees before coming to a halt. I got to the scene about a minute after the accident and met BCGP Member John Holmes. John was forced to make a controlled crash and received a few scrapes, but he was able to avoid the worst. Some of the drivers were in shock, but no one else was hurt as far as I could tell.

Light pole damage on MLK Drive, the pile of debris in the background is where the vehicle came to rest after veering on to the bike path.