Friday, May 02, 2008

Phillies Go Green?

Citizens Bank Park has only space available for 32 bikes (2 wave racks (16 spaces each) at the first base gate and the right field gate) for the public. So it was with a sigh that I read about the Phillies going green in yesterday's Inquirer. It's certainly great that the Phillies decided to buy green power, but why can't they be truly green and accomodate those fans who want to produce no carbon emissions when getting to the park by providing more than 32 bike parking spaces in comparison to the 21,000 car parking spaces?

As pointed out in a previous post, the Washington Nationals new ballpark has 250 bike parking spaces. If the Phillies can pony up to wear green hats and buy wind power, they could hit a home run by installing 210 good bike racks (1% of their car parking spaces).


Josh said...

I live in S. Philly and always ride my bike to Phillies and Sixers games. While it certainly would be nice to have a lot more "official" bike parking, between the many heavy duty fences (more at the Wach than the Cit) and parking signs I've never had an issue finding somewhere to lockup.

The best part of the Nats new park isn't just the racks, it's the bike valet service. Piece of mind is worth more to me than convenience when it comes to securing my ride.