Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bus Kills Bicyclist at 15th and Market

From Channel 6 Action News

Bicyclist Killed by SEPTA Bus
By Ray Regan Center City - March 3, 2007 - -

Tragedy struck in Center City Saturday morning, when a SEPTA bus ran over a bicyclist.Police tell Action News a man in his thirties was riding his bike on 15th Street, and was struck when he tried to cross Market Street.

The bus plowed into him as it turned onto 15th from Market.

The man ended up pinned under the bus for some time, and died at Jefferson Hospital. Police say the incident appears to be an accident, but they're continuing to investigate with the help of SEPTA Police.

CBS 3 also covered the crash - To see the video go to the CBS 3 Video Libary
select search and type in bicyclist.


Anonymous said...

The loop around city hall is really scary. I bike it everyday on my way to work and vascilate between terror and surprise that such a high-profile area would be so poorly designed.

Anonymous said...

it is depressing how little followup the news media does about stories like this. like, who was this poor fellow, where was he coming from, where was he going, had he been drinking, etc. etc. it is as though he wasn't a real person.

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