Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Anti Bike Policies Revealed This Week

Thanks to bicyclists who dared to ask we have found that two major institutions have anti-bike policies buried deep within their paperwork.

1 -
Amtrak has resisted bikes on trains, and in fact they have negotiated deals with major advocacy organizations (LAB in 1997, East Coast Greenway in 2001) agreeing to carry full size bikes on trains, only to pull out the rug from under cyclists both times.

Now it turns out that the folding bike policy has some hidden rules that forbid you to take your bike on the Keystone (Phila.-Harrisburg) Corridor. A meeting with managers at 30th Street station revealed that the conductor's service rule book forbids folding bikes on Amfleet coaches, the only type of rail car used on the Keystone Corridor.

Here is a copy of Amtrak's Bike Policy do you think it's a bit misleading?

What can you do

2 - Philadelphia International Airport
Thinking of parking your bike at the airport? Sorry that's illegal. The Philadelphia Parking Authority and Airport Police have informed us that if you park your bicycle at the Airport it will be confiscated.

What can you do