Sunday, February 20, 2005

Route 202 plan: 4 Lane Expressway replaced with 2 Lane Parkway:

PennDOT has released its study of the proposed 202 Bypass in Bucks and Montgomery County. This issue has been very polarizing with groups on the south end of the route favoring the bypass while opponents on the northside fear that the proposed freeway will accellerate sprawl. A shared use path has also been proposed for the right of way.

The study recommends that a two lane parkway with at grade crossing be built instead. The path will remain but will be separated from the road with a green buffer as opposed to a noise barrier. Many who see a balance struck between environment and transportation seemed happy with the compromise while some who were excited about getting to the Montgomery Mall 10 minutes faster felt like the rug was pulled out from under them.

Allen Biehler - State Secretary of Transportation commented on the expressway proposal by saying - "We cannot afford it".