Sunday, February 20, 2005

A few Bicycle and Pedestrian Crashes in Review

I know its the Philadelphia Bicycle Blog, but to ignore some nasty pedestrian crashes would be criminal. Oh that's right we call them accidents.

Two men have been charged with murder for a Feb 1 drag race on Roosevelt Boulevard that ended when one of the cars hit a pedestrian and tore her body in two.

I'm too disgusted to even comment on this one.

Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/13/2005 | Druce cannot count curfew toward term:
"Former State Rep. Druce (R Bucks) was in his fourth term in the General Assembly in July 1999 when his vehicle fatally struck a pedestrian, Kenneth Cains, in Harrisburg.

Druce had the vehicle repaired, traded it in and lied about the accident to his insurer. An anonymous tip five months later led police to Druce, who pleaded guilty in September 2000 to leaving the scene of a fatal accident and other offenses.

After his sentencing in October 2000, Druce was granted bail to appeal, and was released in December 2000. He has received credit for the 56 days he served in state prison in 2000"

Delaware Man arrested in Fatal Hit and Run
The first bicycle fatality in the region this year was reported on FEB 13 in front of the GM plant in Centerville De

Police say suspect has been apprehended and was arraigned last Monday and was released on $50,000 bail. His record goes back at least 20 years and he has even served time for a similar offense. Officials say on this most recent arrest and 4th DUI, his blood alcohol limit was twice the legal limit.

Now for the Good News

Route 38 Pedestrian Bridge Being Replaced

6 years and a least one fatality later NJ DOT is replacing the Rt 38 Cherry Hill Mall Pedestrian Bridge that was damaged by a trash truck. The best part of this story is that NJDOT sued the trash collection firm but only for the recovery of the demolition of the bridge. The state made it a priority and found money to complete the project.

I can guarantee you that no highway bridge would have to wait 6 years to be replaced.

Red Light Cameras installed on Roosevelt Boulevard

Hallelujah Philadelphia has seen the red light. Photos of the cameras at Roosevelt and Grant Avenue are coming shortly.

Medford Lakes Police protect bikes and peds by enforcing traffic laws

In response to a young bicycle rider injured in a collision at a crosswalk, Medford Lakes
Police, however, have begun cracking down on those motorists, handing out tickets and warnings to those who break a state law that requires them to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks.

The article states that about 90% of all school students in the borough walk or bicycle to school.