Friday, December 13, 2013

Manayunk Bridge Trail Construction Job Is Now Advertised!

After several years of hard work among numerous regional, municipal, state and transit partners, the City of Philadelphia and PennDOT have advertised the construction job of building a trail on top of the Manayunk Bridge.  WootWoot!   
This new Circuit trail will connect the Cynwyd Heritage Trail in Lower Merion over to the corner of Dupont and High Streets in Manayunk. A second phase will continue the trail to the Ivy Ridge Train Station.
The technical jargon is as follows:
The Manayunk Bridge Trail MPMS# 92413 has now been listed on the City of Philadelphia Office of Procurements list of Public Works Bidding Opportunities.
The listing indicates that the specifications will be available through Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Engineering and Construction Management System (ECMS) on 12/17/2013 and that the bid opening date is planned to be 1/16/2014. The City’s bid number is 3749ECMS.
Congratulations to the many partners who made this project possible!  It's going to be a phenomenal addition to the Circuit!


Unknown said...

"the bid opening date is planned to be 1/16/2014."

Uh. What was found when they were opened?