Monday, November 04, 2013

Free Bike Light Installation This Afternoon on Broad Street

Oliver will be installing bike lights from 4-6
in the tidal water underneath the Race St Pier.
You need bike lights!

It's suddenly dark out. The sun must be dying. So when you bike home from work in the dark, bundled in your snazzy black coat, legs sore from eight hours at your brand-new standing desk, you are nearly invisible without bike lights.

If you are incapable of obtaining bike lights yourself, we will provide them for you for free!

Bike Light Installation Stations
Today, 4:30 - 6:00 PM
On Broad Street at Spruce and Pine St

Like your friend's mother who refuses to let you leave the house without a hat on and will give you one of her hats rather than see you lose your ears to frostbite, we will install lights on your lightless bike.

We will not give you lights if you already have lights, and we will not give you lights if you show up in some manner other than on a bike.

Remember: by city law you must have a front white light and at least a back red reflector.


Claire said...

This is a bummer for me: I bike to work often but can't every day, and work in deep south Philly so I cannot show up on my bike by 6 p.m. I understand the reasoning behind not giving out lights to everyone, but I'm in huge need of lights, bike everywhere, and just can't get out of work on time :(