Friday, November 22, 2013

Amtrak, Shake Shack Bringing Back the Bike Rack

Actually, many bike racks, but we went with rhyme over accuracy.

A buncha bike racks have come online in busy sections of Philadelphia this week, which is good news for train commuters and people with a hankering for a burger:

30th St Station Construction Project Wraps Up, Bringing More Bike Parking
We've learned that the plaza construction project snarling the west side of 30th Street Station for more than a year has wrapped up. Part of the new plaza is bike parking for roughly 100 bikes. You can read a report from MOTU on the project here.

The construction on the east side continues, but should be wrapping up soon and will include the installation of six bike corrals, jumping the total bike parking available at 30th Street Station above 150 spots.

Center City Shake Shack Bike Corral Is Installed
Photo courtesy of Shake Shack and SHIFT_Design

Meanwhile, on 20th & Sansom, the Shake Shack bike corral is installed! This is the first bike corral in Philadelphia which a business purchased themselves. Big kudos to Shake Shack for its initiative (and prudence) in courting customers arriving by bicycle. And a second round of kudos for being good business neighbors by expanding the availability of bike parking in a section of Center City that definitely needs it.

We're not sure what they'll do with all those kudos, but they probably go well with a milkshake.


Andrew J. Besold said...

Oh man! Philly got a Shake Shack! You lucky dawgs!

Cool that the execs from Shake Shack saw the need bikr parking and knew a good investment when they saw it. I could never find a secure bike parking spot at the one behind the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan!