Monday, October 07, 2013

Push Back the Darkness: Help Us Finish Our Bike Counts

Since the dawn of time (cue Inception horn noise), mankind has sought to explore the unknown. Courageous sortie after courageous sortie, we pierce the veil to bring back a greater understanding of what is beyond our sight.
What Google Maps would look like, if not for the sort of people who do bike counts

In that spirit, we are seeking intrepid scientists and explorers to venture forth into the inky blackness that is the question, When And How Often Does Philly Bike To Work?

We are two-thirds done with our fall bike counts! Help us finish this important data collection task! Without your help, when someone asks us how much Philly commutes to work by bike, we'll just have to reply with this:
The X-axis is time of day, and the Y-axis is dragons
Bike counts are 90 minutes long, and happen either at 7:30-9:00 AM, or 4:30-6:00 PM. They happen on weekdays when it isn't raining, and they need to happen ASAP!

Can you take one? Great! Here's what you do:

  1. Fill out this basic Google Form.
  2. You will be directed to a Google Doc spreadsheet, on which you should claim 1 or more bike counts (claim as many as you know you can do).
  3. Links to the PDFs of the Instruction Letter, Sample Form, Intersection Form, Bridge Form, and Ben Franklin Bridge Form can be found below.
  4. Before your designated bike count, please read the Instruction Letter and take a look at the Sample Form. Things are a little different from last year.
  5. Print your forms (2 per shift) and go forth and count bikes!
  6. Return completed forms via e-mail, mail, fax, East India Trading Company frigate, bike courier, or hand-delivery to Katie Monroe as soon as possible.
  7. As a thank you, we'll send you a $5 gift card to Mugshots Coffee!
Questions? Concerns? Want to express your unbridled enthusiasm about the fact that it's BIKE COUNT TIME again? Don't hesitate to reach out to Katie by e-mail or phone (215-242-9253 x310).


Instruction Letter
Sample Form
Intersection Form
Bridge Form
Ben Franklin Bridge Form