Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Got Opinions about Washington Ave? The City Wants to Hear Them!

If you wish to see Washington Avenue improved for bicycling and walking, please attend this meeting!

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission is hosting a public meeting to get input on its ongoing study of how to improve transportation and parking along Washington Avenue. Different configurations will be presented of how to apportion the avenue between motor vehicles, loading and parking spaces, and bikes.

When: Wednesday. October 23rd
Time: 6:00-7:30pm
Where: Mummers Museum, 2nd and Washington Avenue.


Steven Falkowski said...

How can I share my input if I can't attend the meeting?

Anonymous said...

Steven - You could e-mail Jeannette Brugger at the Planning Commission: Jeannette.Brugger(at)

Mishmosh said...

Thanks Nicholas! Can't make it tomorrow either but just sent the following email to Jeannette.

I live at 2nd & Dickinson and cross or use Washington Ave almost every day.

- Washington Ave seems insanely inefficient when driving cross-town. The couple of times a month I do this, I usually go north to Spruce/Pine instead or even take 676. Would timed lights work on Washington for car traffic? Perhaps it would help smooth things out for bikes as well.

- Same for busses, I would LOVE if there were faster bus service along Washington but every time I almost take a bus (to get to graduate hospital area), I think of the traffic and shudder and either bike or drive.

- Washington feels pretty dangerous for bikes despite some fragments of bike lane. The pavement is chopped up, lots of broken glass, and always a car/taxi/truck in the bike lane. Federal St (especially early mornings) is great for going west. Have you considered making Ellsworth/Federal the main bike routes? (Would need to do some creative routing around the Acme on 11th, and consider midday traffic.)

- I regularly bike on Washington, but only 2 blocks of it (4th eastbound to 2nd, while commuting home from Center/Old City). Cars usually leave plenty of room and at that point on Washington there's less stop and go, but I usually switch to the frontage street instead of riding on Washington itself.

It feels safe enough, but just messy and unpleasant. There are a few businesses (crab shack, taquerias) that I've been meaning to slow down & check out after living here for over a year but there's always a giant truck/taxi parked in the way. It'd be great if there were a pleasant way to attract foot traffic from the Italian Market.

Thanks for taking a closer look at Washington!