Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Center City Shake Shack Unveiling Bike Corral This Afternoon (with beer!)

Rendering of the modular bike corral design
The Shake Shack in Center City Philadelphia is located in a neighborhood with a desperate need for more bike parking. The many restaurants, bars, and theaters in the surrounding blocks render bike parking as scarce as car parking. So we were impressed and pleased to hear that Shake Shack is taking the smart business step of installing their own bike corral.

The in-street bike corral is a collaboration between Shake Shack and Philly-based design firm SHIFT_Design. Installed as part of the 2013 DesignPhiladelphia Festival, the corral will be permanent and house 10-14 bicycles.

Shake Shack is celebrating the installation of the corral with a happy hour of sorts today after work. From their announcement:

Everyone is invited to join us during DesignPhiladelphia on Wednesday, October 16, 6-8 p.m. for complimentary Headwaters Pale Ale and Storm King Stout from our friends at Victory Brewing Company, in addition to bike-friendly swag. We’ll also be blending up Shake Shack Storm King floats. Bonus points for arriving on two wheels.
The bike corral, as it appears in its first location, the equipment loading module from The Matrix (not pictured: guns. Lots of guns.)
We asked Shake Shack for the impetus for getting their own, distinctive bike corral. They cited a desire to honor their company's foundational story as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park, and a company policy of emphasis on environmental responsibility, design, and community investment. They don't have an official bike policy, but recognize that both customers and employees ride bicycles. This is their first bike rack at any Shake Shack location (take that, New York!).

From their press release:

The corral holds 10-14 bicycles, and was constructed from domestically produced aluminum that contains recycled content. For even more amped-up green factor, each unit will be planted with lush “winter gem” boxwoods to match the plantings on the Shack rooftop.

Unlike typical bike corrals, which tend to be a singular long unit, the Shack’s rack is modular, consisting of five individual units that can each lock up 2-3 bikes, allowing for cyclists to easily and quickly access their bikes.

The corral was designed locally by the talented SHIFT_DESIGN team, and fabricated in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Located on Shack’s north side, the corral will complement the living wall and roof designed and installed by SHIFT_DESIGN in March 2012, featuring an array of custom panels and planters made from recycled steel filled with ivy, seasonal flowers, trailing vines and evergreen shrubs. The vertical garden, and by extension the new planted bike corral, hearkens back to Shake Shack’s green roots as a hot dog cart in gorgeous Madison Square Park. When it’s not in use the corral just might be mistaken for a sculpture. Take that utilitarian bike rack!
We are excited to see another Philly business recognizing the multiplication of benefits that come from catering to customers arriving by bicycle. Such projects are good for your business, good for the economic vibrancy of the neighborhood, and make the street look better. We hope other forward-looking businesses follow Shake Shack's lead and pursue distinctive bike parking of their own.