Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Want More Philly Customers or Tenants? Host a Bike Share Station

The current map of bike share deployment zones
Much like winter, bike share is coming. Unlike with winter, Philadelphia will not experience a sudden spike in deathless blue-eyed wights. Instead, this time next year, thousands of Philadelphia residents and visitors will be tooling around Philly on rented bicycles.

Bike share is Philadelphia's next public transportation system, and the docking stations will be valuable amenities, bringing hundreds of potential shoppers or renters past each station weekly.

The City of Philadelphia is looking for property owners, businesses, and institutions interested in hosting or sponsoring a bike share station. The deadline for expressing this nonbinding interest is October 7th, so don your Interest Expression Hats.

You can view the full document with information about what is involved here. Express said interest to:

Aaron Ritz
Bicycle & Pedestrian Programs Planner
Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities
1401 JFK Blvd, Suite 1430, 19102
ph: 215-686-9000
(email responses preferred)

The City is looking for two types of partners:
  • Station sponsors: Businesses, property owners and institutions who would like to assure their participation in bike sharing from the outset are invited to become Station Sponsors. Sponsors will be at the top of the list for location siting, given the opportunity to host one or more stations at or near their location, and given the opportunity to underwrite their station(s).
  • Station hosts: Property owners willing to locate bike sharing stations on or near their property will be among the first round of sites considered for the system launch. Bike share stations require a minimum space of approximately 7 feet by 35 feet. (235 sq. ft.)
This letter of interest will be used for planning purposes only. It does not commit the City of Philadelphia or interested businesses, property owners and institutions to any further obligations.


Philly Biker said...

Will there be any parking for non-corporate bikes?

Anonymous said...

By non-corporate bikes, do you mean non-bike share bikes? These stations will be parking for bike share bikes, not regular bikes. (It's the same setup in every other city with bike share.)