Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PA State Transportation Commission Wants to Hear From You

Tell the State of Pennsylvania where you want to ride or walk
As odd as it may sound in this time of fiscal uncertainty (what with Harrisburg deliberating whether or not to fund transportation at all), the State's Transportation Commission is seeking public comment as it develops its "Twelve Year Transportation Program."

The Commission has prepared a draft performance report, and the public comment period is open until October 7th.

This is a great opportunity to tell the Transportation Commission where you want improvements in biking and walking on any state road in Pennsylvania.

There are several ways to provide your input to the Transportation Commission:

First, you can take a one hour webinar on September 26th from 6-7pm.  Register to take the webinar here.

Second, you can take this public survey. You'll have an opportunity to indicate specifically where you want bicycle "paths" and trails.

Third, download this Project Feedback Form and fill it out with the name of a road or bridge where you want a bicycle or pedestrian "facility" (i.e. a bike lane, a crosswalk, a mid-block crossing) and e-mail it to Julie Harmantzis at RA-PennDOTSTC@pa.gov. Fill out a form for every project that you want to suggest.


Gladwyne Montessori said...

I see that "The Commission has prepared a draft performance report" that doesn't include the word BICYCLE at all.