Thursday, September 05, 2013

Calling All Girl Scout Leaders...Girl Scouts on Wheels!

Some exciting news from our Women Bike PHL campaign this week: we are officially launching the new "Girl Scouts on Wheels" bicycle patch (pictured). We are now actively seeking area Girl Scout leaders interested in helping their girls build confidence and skills on their bicycles through earning this patch as a troop.

The patch requirements will take girls through the basics of bike mechanics, bike safety, choosing safe routes, and exploring the diverse world of bicycling. The patch is aimed at Junior Girl Scouts, but could be adapted for younger or older girls. For patch requirements, email Katie ( Katie is excited to help you through the process of earning the patch, so no need to worry if you are a leader with minimal bike knowledge!

This effort is funded in part by a grant from the League of American Bicylists' Women Bike Campaign. To learn more about this national effort, visit