Monday, June 24, 2013

Bike Temple Organizing Bike Rides to Schuylkill Banks Outdoor Movies

Bike Temple is organizing three bike rides from Temple down to Schuylkill Banks to check out Schuylkill Banks' outdoor movie series. The first ride is happening this Thursday evening. Details below:

#1 - Moonrise Kingdom - 06/27/2013 - Schuylkill Banks @ Walnut St Bridge
Meet at Temple Belltower at 6:30pm
Ride leaves at 7:00pm, should arrive between 7:30/7:45pm
Movie runs from 8:15pm to 10:15pm
Route is approx 4 miles one way

#2 - Pee Wee's Big Adventure - 07/18/2013 - Drexel Park
Meet at Temple Belltower at 7:15pm
Ride leaves at 7:45pm, should arrive between 8:15/8:30pm
Movie runs from 9:00pm to 10:30pm
Route is approx 3.4 miles one way

#3 - My Cousin Vinny - 08/22/2013 - Schuylkill Banks @ Walnut St Bridge
Meet at Belltower at 6:00pm
Ride leaves at 6:30pm, should arrive between 7:00/7:15pm
Movie runs from 7:45pm to 9:45pm
Route is approx 4.0 miles one way