Friday, December 14, 2012

Complete Streets Bill Earns Big Vision Award From Citypaper

This week's City Paper issue announced its annual Big Vision awards. We are pleased that one of our proudest achievements in City Council, the Complete Streets Bill that Councilman Squilla sponsored and successfully passed, won honorable mention in the Government & Politics Category.  

This isn't our first time on the podium. The Bicycle Coalition won the 2009 Choice Award in the Planning & Design category for our work in making Philadelphia a better place to bike. So thank you City Paper!

The text from the paper:

Complete Streets Bill
Mark Squilla’s legislation, which passed last week, is tough love for bikes and cars, both of whom need to learn some basic rules of road civility and safety. We’ll see whether it’s consistently enforced, but it’s worth dreaming about a world where drivers think twice before dooring a bicyclist.