Thursday, November 29, 2012

Harrison Ford Will Be Playing A Character Named Jock Goddard In The Race Street Bike Lane On Monday

On Monday, December 3rd, a film crew will be blocking the southbound bike lane on Race St/Ben Franklin Parkway outside the Four Seasons at 18th Street. The production is for the movie Paranoia, which features Harrison Ford squaring off against Gary Oldman as two older businessmen who...I guess don't like each other? That's a plot, right? Harrison Ford's character's name is Jock Goddard, which definitely sounds like an insufferable business tycoon.

The movie also features one of the Hemsworths. Apparently there are three of them. Who knew? So if you see a hunky Australian guy, it's probably him.

The production company says they will make a safe path for bicyclists with parking cones. So try not to rubberneck. But if you encounter Harrison, see if you can get him to growl "Get out of my bike lane!" into your phone.

Expected location of generator blocking bike lane. Location of Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, and the Hemsworth TBD.