Monday, November 26, 2012

Final Week To Tell Transit Operators Which Train Stations Need Better Bike Facilities

Do you ride a bicycle to a regional train station or bus depot? Would you ride your bike there except the station doesn't have covered, secure bike parking or the roads leading to the station are dangerous?

Then you should add comments to the Bike to Transit crowd source map! SEPTA, NJTransit, and PATCO want to know which stations need better bike parking and better facilities leading to the transit station (bike lanes, safer intersections, etc.)

This map project will expire on December 1st, so this is your last week to let transit operators know what is needed at your local transit stop to make it more bike friendly and encourage more bike-transit trips.


andrewlevitt said...

University City station got about a half dozen bike racks just a few weeks after this started, thanks guys!!

Andrew J. Besold said...

Here's the simple but bluntly honest answer regarding parking. ALL OF THEM!

I have yet to see bike parking at any station in the DVRPC service area that feels safe enough to park even my 30yo Ross 3-speed. This includes the brand new Trenton Transit Center.

Sorry but its the honest truth.