Monday, September 17, 2012

Outdoorsy Types: Save A Canvasser, Take An Online Survey

Don't you wish that taking an online survey would magically make disappear one smiling person with a clipboard standing in your way on the sidewalk? "Hi there! Do you have 5 minutes for gay labor whale immigrant rights?" Sadly, online surveys have not made street canvassers obsolete, but it's fun to imagine that taking one frees up one stretch of sidewalk somewhere in the universe.

ANYhow... we are one of a handful of organizations investigating the feasibility of a consolidated outdoor activity organization similar to Venture Outdoors in Pittsburgh. Part of this inquiry is passing around an opinion survey for people who engage in outdoor activities in the Philly region (running, biking, rock climbing, kayaking, etc), or would consider it.

So! Procrastinate from that tedious e-mail you have to write and fill out this survey! Should take about 3 minutes. The East Falls, Manayunk, and Schuylkill River Development Corporations, Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, Lower Merion Township, and Hidden River Outfitters say thanks!