Thursday, September 06, 2012

Attention Salmon: All Philly Bike Lanes Are One-Way

You wouldn't drive your car the wrong
way down a street. Don't do it on your
bicycle either. 
All bicyclists in Philly have at some point encountered a salmon in a bike lane. What is a salmon?
A salmon is a bicyclist riding upstream, against the flow of traffic.
Now we have a report of a bicycle-bicycle crash in the Walnut Street bike lane caused by a bicyclist riding the wrong direction. So here's a reminder worth quoting should you encounter a salmon:

All Bike Lanes In Philadelphia Are One-Way

They flow in the direction of the adjacent vehicular travel lane.*

Many bicyclists don't know this rule. Now you know it, and can inform them (politely) should you see a salmon.

Thank you.

*There is one contraflow bike lane, on 30th Street between Walnut and Market. And one on Greenland Dr. in Fairmount Park, although it's unmarked.


phillygoat said...

How about joggers?

I have to admit, contraflow joggers are a lot safer to pass than same-direction joggers. Given the tendency for earbuds in joggers I do make a loud "PASSING LEFT" when overtaking joggers in the bike lane, that could (okay, probably) be taken to have an underlying brusque character.

Kelly said...

I also want to know the legality and safety of those brave bike lane joggers on Pine & Spruce. I wouldn't do it, but it seems like Spruce is becoming a popular jogging path to the river trail.

Anonymous said...

It is illegal to run in a vehicular lane of the street, whether that lane is for cars or for bikes. It's also not safe.

Anonymous said...

From the PA Vehicle Code:

3544. Pedestrians walking along or on highway.
(a) Mandatory use of available sidewalk.--Where a sidewalk
is provided and its use is practicable, it is unlawful for any
pedestrian to walk along and upon an adjacent roadway.

strangerthanfiction said...

Join Cyclists Against Salmon Riders on Facebook.