Friday, August 10, 2012

All (Bikes) Aboard The Atlantic City Line

On Saturday August 11th NJ TRANSIT will initiate a new weekend bike policy for the Atlantic City Line that will allow up to 12 bikes per train. The policy is also in effect for all rail lines in North Jersey that end in either Hoboken or Newark (trains that operate to/from New York have new weekend restrictions which will affect anyone taking their bike to Summer Streets).

If beaches, boardwalks and baccarat aren't your thing then there are plenty of other destinations along the way that are accessible by low traffic or wide shouldered roads:
NJ TRANSIT's standard policy is two bikes per car. Since AC Line trains are only 4 car sets we don't think that the 12 bike maximum will always be possible - especially during the summer months on Saturday mornings going toward Atlantic City or Sunday evenings coming back to Philadelphia. In the worst case scenario alternate bus transportation is available.  Fortunately it has been a long time since we last heard of a complaint but this could be an issue for group travel. Those who do experience a problem should follow up with  NJ TRANSIT Customer Service which will assign the issue to the Agency's new bicycle advocate.

Street mural on Haven Ave, Ocean City
Photo - Cross County Connection TMA on Flickr