Friday, June 15, 2012

The City Wants To Know About That Abandoned Bike Locked Up Near Your Digs

Please...somebody help me hide my shame...
There's a good chance you've seen an abandoned bike today. Some terribly embarrassed frame, naked and locked to a pole in front of total strangers.

The Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities (MOTU) is just as embarrassed for those bikes as we are, and they want to get them off the streets.

MOTU will be doing a big,m city-wide bike clean up on July 23rd. In preparation, they want to know the location and identifying characteristics (or lack thereof) of dead bikes.

What is a dead or abandoned bike?
Abandoned bikes are those that have missing or damaged parts, are in un-useable condition, and have been locked in the same location for one month or more. 

What you should do if you see one?
Call 311 to report an abandoned bike. When notifying 311, you’ll need to know the location of the bicycle; what the bike is locked to; and any distinguishing features including color, broken or missing parts, or any unique identifiers. 

Let's free up bike parking and make our sidewalks a little nicer by liberating these mortified bikes.


Tyler said...

What will happen to all the useful parts? They should all be donated to NBW or something of that nature. It will be a sad day if they trash all of those bikes.

Anonymous said...

The parts will be donated to NBW and Resources for Human Development.