Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Calling Volunteers To Help The Chinatown Bike Lane

Volunteer opportunity!

We are partnering with the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation to conduct a shopper survey in Chinatown. We are looking for volunteers interested in making our city's bike lane decision-making more informed.

What's involved:
  • Speak to shoppers in Chinatown about how they arrived there
  • Record responses on paper
  • Shift slots are flexible in length, time of day, and day of week
  • Speaking Mandarin or Cantonese is not required (but extremely helpful!)
One of the lessons of our February meeting with PCDC was that there is not enough data about the 10th Street bike lane. No one has investigated what percentage of Chinatown shoppers arrive by bike, by foot, or by car. Knowing this will make future decisions impacting the 10th Street bike lane more informed.

Interested? Contact our volunteer coordinator Steve by phone (215-399-1598 x707) or by e-mail. All volunteers will receive one of our I Bike PHL t-shirts, a great accessory for springtime bike riding! You can also attend our volunteer training tomorrow night to get trained on street outreach and sign up for projects like this one.