Monday, March 05, 2012

Program Offering Free Bike Racks To Schools and Non-Profits

One model of bike rack being
offered in the free rack program
Attention schools and non-profits: the Reliance Foundry Co. is offering a limited quantity of bike racks for free to interested schools and non-profits.

They announced the "Take A Stand For Cycling" program on January 31st, so we don't know how many racks are left. But little facilitates bicycling to your school or location better than providing high-quality bike parking.

Recipients of the racks will have to pay for shipping, but Reliance will provide the installation hardware for the rack(s).

Check out the details of the program on the Reliance website.


Jim said...

A shame then that they have to waste resources to try and get the city to approve the racks. Those guys have been as slow as two or three years in approving and installing.