Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Helping Philadelphia Teachers and Students Lock Their Bikes At School

Our Safe Routes Philly program brings pedestrian and bicycling safety lessons to Philadelphia elementary schools. More than 30,000 students have received our lessons since the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year. However, teaching children about the fun (and health benefits, sshhhh) of riding their bikes to school is hindered if the children can't keep their bikes at school once they arrive.
Recently-installed racks at Meredith Elementary at 5th & Fitzwater
(pots installed by the Terracotta Potting Solutions Coalition) 

The Bicycle Coalition learned in fall 2009 that the School District of Philadelphia had a stash of U-racks, but was not installing them. Once Safe Routes Philly began working with the School District in the fall of 2010, we began nudging the School District to find funding to install them. (That, or start an over-sized horseshoe pitching league.)

Shortly thereafter, the School District found funding! Safe Routes Philly staff worked with interested principals and schools to properly site the racks, and to date have facilitated the installation of 249 U-racks at 44 schools across the district. (The schools were chosen on a first-ask, first-served basis.)

Getting our children excited about biking to school is a critical step in keeping them healthy. We are happy to be facilitating the merger of education and infrastructure which can, with dedication and support, make Philadelphia a healthier city.

Interested in obtaining bike racks for your school? While there is not currently funding for new racks, you can join the waiting list by contacting Diana at You can also investigate programs which offer discounted racks to schools.