Friday, February 10, 2012

FREE Walkability Audits for Schools in PA

The Pennsylvania Safe Routes to School Resource Center has free Walkability Audits available to schools in PA. This key planning tool provides schools with the technical assistance necessary to assess walking and biking conditions along routes to school and create a plan for improving them. The walkability audit process is led by a traffic engineer with the help of a team of local school officials, municipal representatives, law enforcement officials, and other community members. After a two-day assessment of existing or potential walking routes, the school is presented with a final report that includes short-, mid-, and long-term recommendations for improving safety and increasing student participation along the walking routes.

Any school interested in a walkability audit can obtain an application form online at or by contacting or (717) 763-0930 (ask for Safe Routes). If your school is deemed eligible for an audit, a representative from the Pennsylvania SRTS Resource Center will be in touch to schedule a two-day site visit with an SRTS engineer.