Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Walking Safety Tips From Safe Routes Philly

As much of the fun part of the Internet is blacked out today, you might find yourself walking outside (don't panic, they're call pigeons, they're harmless). Snow, cold temperatures, and early darkness should not prevent you or your children from outdoor exercise this winter. Here are some safe walking tips you can review with your children before walking to school or the park, prepared by our Safe Routes Philly Community Representatives.

Be Prepared For Early Darkness

In the winter months it gets dark earlier, so be mindful of the time. If you know you’re going to be out after dark, have a walking buddy. Always try and stay in well-lit areas.

Look Out For Ice

Keep your eyes peeled for ice patches on the sidewalks or in the street. Ice can be hard to see, especially when clear on top of black asphalt. Ice can remain on the ground even if the air feels warm. Never scamper across the street against oncoming traffic, but especially when there could be ice on the road.

Take Extra Precautions When Walking Before/During/After Extreme Weather

Extreme weather can cause city traffic and parking to be a little disjointed. Keep an eye out for visual barriers, such as snow mounds or unique parking situations, which might block you from a motorist's view. Bicyclists, drivers, and pedestrians all have to be especially aware of one another during snowfall or flurries. Make sure you have a clear view of the street and traffic has a clear view of you before attempting to cross the street.

Bundle Up

A warm jacket, hat and gloves will keep you warm when playing a game of catch in the park or walking
to or from school.


Winter Walker said...

Thanks for the safety tips.

I wanted to add a couple of suggestions.

1. When walking on icy surfaces try to place your whole foot down at once rather than your normal heel to toe stride. This will help you avoid slipping from the toe pushing off motion.

2. Consider a pair of ice cleats for shoes. They attach to regular shoes, they're convenient, affordable and I have found they really work well when it's slippery out.

3. When you open your vehicle door look down at the condition of the surface you are about to step out on to so that you're prepared and can hold on if necessary.


The Winter Walker