Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keep Up The Pressure For The Ben Franklin Ramp: Attend DRPA Meeting Feb 1st

We've been blitzing the Delaware River Port Authority about a ramp on the Ben Franklin Bridge since what seems like forever. We're getting closer - we've chased the quarterback from the pocket, but if we don't stay after him, we won't disrupt the play.

(In this analogy, the quarterback is DRPA, and the play is their attempt to dodge their responsibility to build a bicycle-friendly ramp. The four-man rush is ramp support from more than 1,000 petition signers, the University of Rutgers-Camden, 15 local companies and organizations, and the support of two members of Congress.)

How do we finish this play? Rally for the Ramp at the DRPA meeting on Wednesday, February 1st. They will be considering allocating funds for the ramp, and we need to maintain the visible public support for the project.

What: DRPA Operations & Management Committee Meeting
Where: The Delaware River Port Authority, One Port Center in Camden
When: Wednesday, Feb 1st
Time: 8:00 AM

Feel free to download and distribute the flyer below.

Ramp Flyer Web (1)