Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Delaware River Port Authority To Bicyclists: The Ben Franklin Bridge Is Not For You

John Matheussen in 2010, promising to build the ramp
Today, with no opportunity for public comment, the Delaware River Port Authority's Finance Committee approved a draft Capital Program that reneges on their promise to design and build capital project BF1101: an ADA accessible ramp on the Camden side of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Sign this petition to send DRPA's Board a message: HONOR YOUR PROMISES - BUILD THE RAMP!

As we reported in January, funds designated in the 2011 draft budget to design the ramp were eliminated when the DRPA Board decided to delay all projects that did not directly involve public safety. This action was taken despite a public promise by Chief Executive Officer John J. Matheussen at the July 2010 Board meeting that DRPA would build the ramp in 2012.

The current entrance on the Camden side - inaccessible
for pedestrians w/disabilities and bicycle unfriendly.
The DPRA Finance Committee approved the 2012 capital budget with no public comment period. The Board of Directors will vote on the budget at its December 14th meeting (see below). Unlike most Agencies that rely on federal funding, DRPA has no obligation to allow for a 30 day public comment period, and does not include public comments attached to proposed budgets.

If DRPA does not hear from us, they will think bicyclists and pedestrians with disabilities have forgotten about their promise!

This bald-faced refusal to build the ramp:
  • Creates a hole in our regional trail network
  • Advertises DRPA's hostility towards bicyclists and pedestrians with disabilities
  • Undermines trust in DRPA's promises
Why is improving access to the iconic Ben Franklin Bridge not considered a priority? Why isn't this part of improving public safety on the bridge?

Ways you can help:
  1. Send a message that DRPA should BUILD THE RAMP!
  2. Attend the DRPA Board of Directors meeting, which will be the only in-person chance for public input on the budget:
DRPA Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday December 14th
9AM - 10AM
1 Port Center, 11th Floor, Camden, NJ


Andrew J. Besold said...

Yes and AGAIN they have $30 million to spend on issues that have absolutely nothing to do with transportation. This Courier Post article goes into the details ( ). And while $20 million of that will be spent in New Jersey and are worthy causes, its ridiculous for the DRPA to be giving this money away when there numerous pending transportation projects in their purvey that need funding.