Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anthropologie Merges Into Philly's Bike Lanes

Philadelphia is quietly becoming one of the most bike-oriented cities in the country. You know the saying: first comes biking. Then comes bike lanes. Then comes boho bike lane dresses.

Anthropologie has recently rolled out the bike lane dress.

Unlike its muse, this dress can and should be deployed on sidewalks.
Evidently, some of those designers down in the Navy Yard are getting there by bike, despite the (present) lack of a good north/south bike lane route through South Philly. That, or they are shamelessly capitalizing on Philadelphia's growing love of bicycling.

But either way, we're glad to see our hometown yuppie-boho clothing designers are encouraging women ages 20-40 to punctuate their springtime looks with a homage to how we're getting around.


Anonymous said...

Fashionable reader Janette implores us not to forget about Anthropologie's bicycle tote: http://anthrpl.ge/xPW50X

Paul said...

Since this posting... Urban Outfitter's CEO quit and their stock is down 17%

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...maybe we should offer our blogging services to corporate espionage practitioners.