Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DRPA CEO: "The ramp will be built in 2012"

Bicycle Coalition Bridge Access Chair Matt Anastasi spoke before the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) Board of Commissioners today presenting our new report "Crossing the Delaware for Transportation Independence" which calls for improving the Ben Franklin Bridge walkway. Anastasi's remarks are recorded here in the DRPA's Board Meeting Archive, advance the slider on your video player to 15:33. Note that sound level is extremely low, turn your computer volume all the way up if you must.

DRPA CEO John Matheussen comments on bridge bicycle access.

Inquirer Reporter Paul Nussbaum posted an article on in which he interviewed
DRPA CEO John Matheussen, asking about the replacing the stairs on the Camden side with an ADA accessible ramp. Matheussen's reply was something that the BCGP has waited a long time to hear - "The ramp will be built in 2012"

That's great news, although DRPA is an active partner with the TIGER projects in Camden (performing the lions share of the engineering work) the construction of the ramp has been the critical missing link and we applaud DRPA's plan to accelerate the ramp project.

Update - In Today's Courier Post Mr. Matheussen stated that he will be asking the DRPA Board to advance $100,000 in the project for design work in 2011, which will enable the 2012 construction projection.


Jim Kriebel said...

From the Courier:

"Instead, the DRPA is likely to replace the existing stairwell with a series of switchbacks."

Switchbacks will be just as bad as stairs