Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Remember Your Trail Etiquette

Trail Etiquette sign from the
Cynwyd Heritage Trail
If you're reading this post, you probably already know that the Greater Philadelphia Region has some amazing trails for biking, running and walking. The most recent addition to our regional treasure trove is the Cynwyd Heritage Trail.

If you know that, then you also know that our trails are often crowded with others who also want to take advantage of these great resources. We all need to make sure everyone is able to have an enjoyable - and safe! - trail experience by following these tips for Trail Etiquette:

Etiquette for Cyclists

  • Be courteous- trails are for all users!
  • Keep right (except to pass)
  • Ring a bell or politely call out, "On your left!" when passing
  • Give ample room when passing, even if that involves slowing down until that is possible
  • Keep your speed down, enjoy the view, and keep an eye out for posted speed limits
  • Stay single file during busy times
  • Yield right-of-way to other trail users - remember that runners and pedestrians are more vulnerable trail users
Etiquette for All Users
  • Abide by posted trail signs
  • Keep right, walk no more than two abreast
  • Stay alert - faster trail users need to pass
  • When stopped, step off the trail
  • Keep dogs on a leash and clean up after your dog
  • Share the trail; be considerate of all users
Want to learn more or pass information along to your friends and family? Here is a copy of a Trail Etiquette handout you can download or print.

What are some other tips for etiquette that you think are important?


Bryan said...

Dogs on leashes on the right side of the walker.

DavidReese said...

Next time I hear somebody ringing their bell at me or on the Schuylkill trail downtown, I'm a little nervous I'll clock them one.

On a heavily-trafficked trail like the strip downtown, unless you're going too fast or passing too close, alerting every pedestrian you pass is totally unnecessary, and annoying.

Last thing we need is more bikers being annoying.

Johnnyboy said...

Yes, David, sure, those darn "annoying bikers", and, some other "last things we need" are:
-running clubs of 20-somethings taking up the entire path with no regard for anyone else in either direction
-dogs with no leashes; even better, really really long leashes
-making left/u-turns without looking
-stopping on the path to chat
-suburbanites with no clue...
-multiple bably strollers spread out across the path
-little kids on bikes riding (dangerously) all over the path while daddy wanders aimlessly ahead of it
-walking on the left side
-using headphones which pretty much renders the "on yer left" useless
-saying "on yer left" and people moving, yup...left